Tektician.com is a premium system implementation partner of ERPNext (https://erpnext.com) solution from Malaysia.

ERPNext is a free and open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software developed by Frappe Technologies Pvt Ltd

ERPNext is currently heralded as the most robust, scalable web-based ERP solutions and have been selected as the top ERP solutions in the ERP FrontRunners List by Gartner (https://www.softwareadvice.com/erp/#top-products).

Coupled that together with its Open Source nature, the possibility of using this piece of solution is unlimited.

As a start, it can be used by any organization to digitize and automate its business process to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and most important gain instant insights on the current progress/status of the company’s operation.

The advantage of using 1 single solution compared to several other tools/solutions are plenty, the ease of consolidating data across the organization is the top benefit.

ERPNext Usability


Organization can choose to request additional modules to be developed and added to their own instance of the software to fulfill specific business requirement.

ERPNext Usability

This can be as simple as creating your own print format, or dashboard statistics to show latest key data related to the organization. It also can be something as sophisticated as new workflows, custom business processes, or integrating with existing solution to have data synchronized and streamlined between each other.

Tektician is then founded with the mission to help growing small to medium companies digitize their business process within a reasonable cost. We believe the key to enabling good corporate governance goes beyond just a good piece of software, using the right approach and sensible methodology to implement technology plays an even bigger role in deciding its adoption rate.

Therefore, we pride ourselves as Tekticians, Tek is short for “Teknologi” in Bahasa Malaysia, which equivalent to Technology in English.

In essence, we are a Malaysian based company who seek to be the best provider of technological tactical advantage to our clients and customers.

ERPNext Usability